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2nd Annual Great Equalizer – 2015

Join us on November 15, 2015 for our 2nd Annual Great Equalizer Competition! This is a unique competition unlike any other you have ever seen in the CrossFit community. The Great Equalizer is a same...

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Don’t Be A Cherry Picker..

"Cherry Picking" - Matt M Let's talk about what makes you think "I suck", what makes you "bad at CrossFit", whats holding you back... When you wake up in the morning and check the WOD, realize your...

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EVR Athlete Profile: Kellie H

Kellie Higginbotham Age: 28 Occupation: Social work grad student Joined EverProven: December 2013 Favorite CrossFit Exercise: Snatches, front/ back squats Least favorite CrossFit exercise: Running...

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EverProven Newsletter

Hello EverProven CrossFit Family!   Just sending out a heads up on what we have going on in the near future and some ideas for the upcoming summer season. First off, great job to everyone who...

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EverProven Lite is Coming!!

EverProven Lite is coming!! Many people want to experience the fun of CrossFit, but may have reservations about heavy barbells, the stress of learning new movements and the intensity that surrounds...

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Partnership with Game Plan Nutrition

Our coaches are currently working with the Game Plan team to gain more education on nutrition that can be passed off to you guys, so PLEASE make sure you ask your coaches what products you should be...

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EVR Member Profile:December 2014

Name: Mark Z. Lanoue (we love the middle initial!) Age: 47 Joined: November 2013 Occupation: Radiologist, currently stay-at-home dad Favorite CrossFit exercises: Bodyweight exercises such as...

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