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New to Fitness?

Taking that bold first step is hard. We know how that feels, and we are psyched to help you start the journey!


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Working with us will take your athletic performance to the next level. Let us help with a full body assessment and gameplan.


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If you're visiting the area or here temporarily for work, we welcome you to come and get your fitness on with us!


when you work with us...

Your goals and needs are unique. So our solution is hand-crafted specifically for you.

From the moment you walk in the door, we forge a relationship with you. Getting to know you, your individual goals, and your lifestyle is how we will best tailor a life changing fitness plan for you.

Through nutrition planning, class-based or one-on-one physical training, overall lifestyle improvement planning and sport-specific training plans, we want to earn your trust and foster a long-term relationship so we can help you reach your full potential. This is what we thrive on!  Click here to contact us and give this a try!

"You walk in a stranger, you leave as family. Amazing people at EverProven... when you need something the community is there for you!"

Michelle C.


What People Are Saying…

” I have only just started CrossFit as a 66 year old senior. Despite what one might read about the “Dangers” of CrossFit this is entirely doable. Cristiana Runey is a superb (and very tactful) coach. By staying within the parameters she sets I look forward to doing this for many years. Thanks Christy!!”

Greg Litsios

“Both the coaching and community here are top notch. I would recommend EverProven to anyone looking for a challenging, well-structured, and motivating workout in an environment you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.”

Maegan Leigh

“Community of individuals that enrich and embrace each other’s desire of succeeding in their goals singularly as well as a group. Genuine guidance in health and fitness as a life long journey.”

Patty Kowalski

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Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision EverProven started with a simple vision: to create the premier fitness community in Dover. We are a full-service strength and conditioning facility dedicated to educating, entertaining and inspiring all who we come in contact with. We strive to help...

2021 November Athlete of the Month

2021 November Athlete of the Month

November Athlete of the Month: Mae Liautaud How and when did you discover CrossFit?   I started CrossFit about 2 years ago. While the first year wasn’t so consistent, I’ve definitely made up for it in the second! Before starting I always looked at CrossFit as too...

2021 October Athlete of the Month

2021 October Athlete of the Month

October Athlete of the Month: Troy Rehfield How and when did you discover CrossFit?   In 2017 my son Jack went with a friend and I would go and watch him. It took me until August of 2020 to try it out myself with EverProven.   How has CrossFit affected you since...

2021 Barbells for Boobs with EverProven & Battle

2021 Barbells for Boobs with EverProven & Battle

We are excited to announce that Battle Crossfit and EverProven Performance Center have joined forces to fight the good fight against breast cancer. Both our communities have strong ties to breast cancer so what better way to support each other than to come together...

3-Session SBD Seminar with Coach Royce

3-Session SBD Seminar with Coach Royce

TUNE UP YOUR DEADLIFT  TUNE UP YOUR SQUAT TUNE UP YOUR BENCH TUESDAYS; OCT 5, 12, 19 at 6:30 PM Join Coach Royce for this free for members series of seminars. Coach Royce will be giving direct feedback to all lifters. Everyone who attends will leave with new points of...

2021 September Athlete of the Month

2021 September Athlete of the Month

September Athlete of the Month: Michelle Chadburn How and when did you discover CrossFit?   I discovered Crossfit in 2014. I had a friend that had just started crossfit and he loved it. He gave me a 10 class pass around Christmas time. I remember how scared I was to...

Aug 2021 Bring a Friend

Aug 2021 Bring a Friend

Bring a Buddy - School Supply Drive Sunday, August 29, 2021 at 9:00am Have a friend interested in trying out Crossfit? Are YOU interested in seeing what EverProven is all about? Bring a school supply donation for admission and we'll see you there!

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