August 10, 2019

8/10/19 COMPARE TO 6/30/18

6 min AMRAP
10 med ball cleans
50′ overhead walking lunge with Wall ball
30 double unders or single unders

Pin and Stretch Quads with Foam Roller – 1 min Per Side
Banded chicken wing pull 45 sec per side
Foam Roll/Lax Back and Shoulders x 3 min

Review the SDLHP and points of performance "ready, go" style in a large group.

EMOM x 12
Evens – 8 SDLHP with a bar or KB
Odds – 3 Wall Climbs – P-Chest to Wall, L-Knees to Wall, F-Walk Feet Up Wall
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (Weight)
Wall Climb (Max reps)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
40 sec on/20sec off x 4 rounds per movement (rotating through) 1 min rest between rounds

Push Jerks – P 115/75, L 95/65, F 75/55
Double Unders/Single Unders
Cross Body Mountain Climbers
Lateral Jumps over Small Hurdle
1 min rest

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