Battle Rope Sprint Matrix
The class will be divided into teams of 3-5 with each team stationed in front of a rope. At 321 go the first person in line will start and complete the designated movement for 20 seconds. After the 20 seconds passes by they will switch with the person behind them in line and head to the back of the line. Once the 1st person in line returns to the start, the movement will change.
Alternating waves
Double Slams
Hip Toss
Scissor Jack Waves
Burpee Slam


5 Way Hips – 4 reps of each: abduction, forward, backward, lightning bolt
4 Way Mini Band Walk – 10 step each: forward, left, backward, right
Active Bent-leg Cossack Stretch x 1 min per side


With an 8 Min Running Clock and an unloaded barbell
8 Mini Band Back Squats with Bands at knees (forcing knees not to cave in)
Side Plank Hip Abduction – 15 sec Per Side


EMOM x 18
1 – 10 Back Squats for speed and quality
2 – 30 Sec of Arm Haulers
3 – 5 Russian Step Ups per Leg using KBs or DBs


EverProven Legendary Member WOD – Megan Trombley
For time under an 8 min cap
Hang Power Cleans
GHD Situps
After every couplet 200ft Farmer Carry AHAP
P – 115/75
L – 95/65, Abmat may be subbed out for GHD at 2x reps (42-30-18)
F – 75/55, Abmat Situps


Bike 50 Cal at a recovery pace.