6 min of “Funnel Tag”.
Instructions: members of the class form a huddle. One person is left outside of the huddle (the tagger). The person outside of the huddle has 25 seconds to tag a selected person in the huddle. If the tagger tags the selected person with he 25 seconds, every person in the huddle has 5 burpees (or whatever movement you choose… Burpees are always a good penalty). If the tagger fails to tag the selected person within the 25 seconds, the tagger has five burpees. Have Fun!


Joint Mobility/Group Stretch x 6 min


Review the mechanics of Rope Climbs
– Keeping your feet hooked on the rope, tuck your legs and pull knees toward elbows.
– Clamp your feet around the rope with the L-hook, press through the glutes like you’re coming up from a squat, and pull your upper body toward the rope, hand-over-hand. Repeat until you get to the top.
– Reverse the process on the way down.
– Allow everyone to practice for 5 or so minutes or until everyone gets a few attempts to get their hands on the rope
Use 20 min to work on Rope Climbs
All levels – work on these whether its pulling yourself up from the floor or going legless for unbroken reps.


3 Rounds of
1 Min Max Cal Bike or Ski
Rest 30 Sec
1 Min Max Wall Ball P-30/20, L-20/14, F-14/10
Rest 30 Sec
1 Min Max Abmat Situps
Rest 30 Sec


Row 1500m at a moderate pace