Target Mobility
Cross Body Toe Tap, Alternating Legs
10 Push-ups
Cat Crawl
10 Split jacks/Leg
Alternating Spiderman with Twist to Open
10 Tuck Jumps
Lateral Lunge
10 Scap Push-ups


Banded Chicken Wing Pull 45 sec per side
Barbell elbow pumps -1min
Then with a PVC Pipe
8 PVC Chest Breech Per Side
8 Reps PVC mixed grip front rotation, switch grip and repeat
PVC Scapula Floss – 30 sec per side


Review Kipping for Toes to Bar. Coaches will then demonstrate a few common faults seen in performing kips.
Then, Kipping progression/warmup.
1 min of Hollow Hold Roll to Superman Hold
1 Min Of Kip Swing to Hollow Arch
1 Min Of Kip Swing to Hollow Knee Pull
1 Min of Floor Kips


EMOM x 15
A – 10-15 Toes to Bar
B – 8-12 Front Rack Reverse Lunge
C – 8-12 Barbell Glute Hip Bridges with 2 sec pause on top.
P – 10 Strict TTB, Hand Release
L – Kipping TTB
F – Kipping Hanging Knee Raises, Modify Push-up as needed


4 Rounds for time under a 15 min cap
15 American KB Swings
30 Double Unders/60 Singles
15 Back Squats
30 Double Unders/60 Singles
P – 32kg/24/kg, 135/95
L – 24kg/16kg, 115/75
F – 16kg/14kg, 95/65


5 Rounds of
20 sec Hollow Hold, 10 sec Arch Hold
Try not to break for the entire 2.5 min!