3 rounds:
25 DU’s or 50 SU’s
10 Monkey Raises
30ft Quad Pull
30ft Hip Cradle
Instructors Choice x 6 min
Review each position of the Turkish Get Up as well as proper positioning and common faults for the Farmer Carry and Sled Push.
3 stations, performed in small group. 5 min to complete each station.
Station 1:
Perform 10-12 TGU Per side. Rest as needed.
Station 2:
Perform 5-8 Heavy Sled Pushes on Turf. Rest as needed.
Station 3:
Perform 5-8 200ft Heavy Farmer Carries Rest as needed.
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Today the intent is change things up with strongman slow, heavy, whole body movements.
For TGU, do not rush through reps and nail each position. Sled Pushes should be completed from a low position where you drive deep with the legs. Pushes should not be for speed, rather heavy slow and controlled. Each push should require a bit of recovery before the next. For Farmer Carries, move with intent here, but not so the load swings in your hands and you lose chest position.
The carry over to the real world on these movements is obvious and you may find that this work is more challenging than you imagined. All work should be challenging, but done in a manner where you can rest as much as you need to between sets.
15 min AMRAP
30 Double Unders or 60 Singles
14 Alternating DB Snatch (P 50/35, L 40/25, F 30/15)
8 Shuttle Runs
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Pick a pace that you know you can sustain for all 15 min. It will likely be around 75-80% of your max effort. This is Heart Rate Zone 3 – in the middle of this workout you should be able to have a short conversation, but you would feel winded doing so. You will be walking the line of aerobic/anaerobic here. For the DB snatches, make sure you use your legs and power snatch each rep… otherwise you may fry your back by hunching over and pulling.
3 sets of 10 Deadbugs
rest 1 min between sets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH92kYCOpnk&feature=youtu.be