In groups of 2-3, working for 6 min.
Each group gets a rower and athletes will try to “rowl” a perfect strike (100M) in full pulls on the rower with no breaks in between. The whole team faces a 2 air squat and 1 burpee penalty for every meter off due in between rounds.


With a PVC Pipe perform
8 PVC Chest Breech per side
8 Reps PVC mixed grip front rotation, switch grip and repeat
PVC Scapula Floss – 30 sec per side
15 DB Floor Rotation/side – use no weight or up to 5 pounds
Calf/ankle Stretch on wall – 45 sec/side


– DB single arm Push Press
– Banded Face-pulls
– DB Pull-over

Specific Warmup

EMOM X 12, switching every minute
Min 1: 5-8 Single Arm DB Push Press/side at a moderate weight
Min 2: 15 Banded Face Pulls
Min 3: 10 DB Pull-overs at a light to moderate weight


For time – with a partner, 18 min cap:
140 Wall Ball – total for pair, switching every 10 reps
30 Synchronized* Lateral Jumps over bar
60 Handstand Push-ups – total for pair, switching every 10 reps
30 Synchronized Lateral Jumps over bar
24 Bar Muscle-ups – total for pair, switch every 3 reps
30 Synchronized Lateral Jumps over bar
*must be on the same side of the bar with each other for rep to count
P/L – two foot take off F – step over
P – 20/14, HSPU, Bar Muscle-up
L – 20/14, HSPU or Pike Push-ups, Jumping Bar Muscle-up or Pull-up + Stationary Dip (reps performed as 3 Pull-up + 3 dips/partner set)
F – 14/10, Pike Push-ups or appropriate Push-up modification, Ring Row + Box Dip (reps performed as 3 Rings Rows + 3 Box Dips/partner set)


Min 1: 15 sec sprint on Ski erg for calories
Min 2: 15 sec sprint on Bike for calories
Min 3: 20 sec AMRAP of Burpees