Under a 6 min running clock:
Run, bike, row or ski for 2 min at an easy to moderate pace
Then, 4 min AMRAP – w/ unloaded bar and/or PVC pipe
5 Air Squats
5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts
5 Hang Muscle Snatches
5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Presses
5 Overhead Squats


Bully Stretch – 1 min/side
Banded Shoulder Opener with External Rotation – 1 min/side
Double Arm Banded Opener Series – 45 sec tall lockout position, 45 sec W Position, 45 sec reverse arm with forward lean
Active Pole Squat – find bottom position and shift weight side to side to open up hips and loosen ankles – 1 min


Review of the 3 position Full and Power Snatch starting from the hip
Focus for either lift should be patience on bringing the bar into the hip before extending the hips open. Be sure the hips drive upward and not forward.


Every 90 seconds for 12 min (8 rounds)
3 Position Snatch Complex
P/L – 1 Full Snatch from the hip* + 1 Full Snatch from above the knee + 1 Full Snatch from the floor + 1 Overhead Squat
F – 1 Power Snatch from the hip* + 1 Power Snatch from above the knee + 1 Power Snatch from the floor
Start light and build in weight across sets as long as technique remains strong.
The Snatch from the hip will be the limiting factor for most.
* Do your best to drive the bar from this position, meaning, there is no redip of the hips to send the bar up. You should focus on already being in a loaded position.


Every 5 min – for 4 rounds
16 Shuttle Sprints (30 ft. = one way)
5 Squat Cleans
10 Box Jump Overs
15 Sit-ups
Rest the remainder of the 5 min.
Score is the slowest round
P – 185/125, 24”/20”, GHD Sit-ups
L – 155/105, 24”/20”, Ab Mat Sit-ups
F – 115/75, 20”/16”, Ab Mat Sit-ups


Cool down stretching
Couch stretch – 90 sec/side
Seated forward fold – 2 min
Pigeon stretch – 2 min/side