5 min AMRAP
4 Inchworm Push-ups
10 Lunging PVC Pass-throughs/side
20sec Dead Hang from the rig or rings


2 Rounds:
15 Banded Pushdowns
15 Banded Pull-aparts (1 set behind neck/1 set normal in front)
30 sec Side Lying Chest Opener per side


Review of the Close Grip Bench Press
(“Close Grip” means that your hands will be approx. 16 inches apart. This is the same or similar distance that covers the smooth part of the bar where there is no knurling.
Review of barbell rollouts and low ring Y-outs


Under a 20 min running clock, perform
5 X 5 Close Grip Bench Press
Aim for these to be done at around 60-70% of your 1RM bench (regular pressing grip)
Begin with a few Warmup sets to build up to working weight
After every set, perform
8 -10 Barbell Roll-outs or Low Ring Y-outs


Under 12 min running clock:
Part A
7 min AMRAP
16 alt DB Snatches (8/side)
12 Thrusters
Part B
In remaining 6 min,
Find 1RM Power Clean and Jerk
Score is 2 parts: Part A is completed rounds + reps, Part B is heaviest weight lifted in time frame
P – 50/35, 115/75
L – 40/25, 95/65
F – 30/15, 75/55


Complete is as few as sets as possible of
P – 50 Strict Pull-ups
L – 30 Strict Pull-ups or 50 Ring Rows with feet on box
F – 30 Ring Rows with feet on box