6 min AMRAP
12 PVC OH Squats
6 Thrusters with Unloaded Bar
3 Walkout to Scap-up


Instructors Choice x 6 min


Review the Bench Press.
– Lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor. If your feet don’t reach the floor, use plates or a box to make contact.
– Grab the barbell with a grip just outside of your shoulders, wrapping thumbs around the bar.
– Hold the barbell at arm’s length above your body, keeping your back flat on the bench at all times.
– Slowly lower the barbell to the middle of your chest. In the bottom position the forearms should be perpendicular to the floor. Pause briefly, then press the barbell back up until your arms fully lockout.
– During the movement, keep your elbows tight to your body as you would in a push up and do not let your elbows flare out
Then use 5 min to warm up the Bench Press with light loads.


Use 18 Min to Develop a 10 RM Bench Press


10 min AMRAP
5 Single Arm Snatch Per Side (Alternating)
10 Box Jumps/Step Down
P – KB Snatch – 24kg/16kg, 24”/20”
L – 16/12kg KB or 35#/25# DB, 24”/20”
F – Hanging Knee Raises or Toes to Pole, 30/15 DB, 20”/16”


Complete 3 rounds of the following, not for time
15 Ring Rows – feet elevated on box if possible
20 Banded Tricep Extensions