Alternating with a partner for 6 min
5 Squat Thrusts
7 Unloaded Bar Thrusters
9 Lateral Jumps Over Bar


Everyone needs 2 mini bands – 1 strong for lower body one lighter for shoulders:
10 Mini Band Steps in each direction with band wrapped at knees – Forward, Back, Side L, Side R
10 Mini Band Fire Hydrants Per Side
15 Mini Band Scapular Activation Presses
10 Mini Band External Rotations with palms up and 10 with palms down
5 Mini band shoulder oscillation raises with palms facing in and 5 with palms facing out.


Review the key points of performance of the Back Squat.
Then Back Squat Warmup
With a 5 min Running Clock Everyone will break up into teams of 2-3 to perform 10-8-6-4-2 of Back Squats with warmup loads.
Coaches will use this time to inspect technique and provide specific feedback based on points of performance.


Every Other Min for 14 Min
30 Sec AMRAP of Back Squats
P – 155/115
L – 135/95
F – 95/65


For Time in teams of 2 Under a 15 min Cap
Row 1k, switching as needed
10 Devils Presses per partner, Alternating
Bike 3 Miles (4800m)
10 Devils Presses per partner, Alternating
Row 1k, switching as needed


Accumulate 2 min of Bully Stretch per arm and 2 min of Pigeon Stretch per leg