Grab a partner and a light Med Ball all and work through 6 min AMRAP of:
10 Chest Passes/person
10 Wall Ball tosses up and over rig (each)
10 Plank Med Ball touches/arm (med ball in between partners while facing each other in a plank position. Lift one hand to tap Med Ball and continue to alternate hands until you have touched the Med Ball 10 times with both hands)
20 DU or SU/person (partners can work at the same time while using the jump rope)


External Rotation from the knee – 15 controlled (4 sec rotation) reps/side with light weight (1-5 lbs)
PVC pipe Cuban Press – 15 reps
10 Bent Leg lifts/side
10 Straight Leg lifts/side


Review of the Kipping HSPU and scaling options:
– HSPU Negatives
– Piked Hold with feet/knees on box
Review of the Barbell Good Morning
Review of the Double KB Front Rack Carry
Be sure to keep the elbows tucked under the kettlebells – do not let the bell rest on the top of the shoulder – with this position you must fight to keep the shoulders pulled back and active


EMOM X 15 – rotate through the following movements, each in their own minute
A. 5-8 HSPU
B. 8-10 Barbell Good Mornings, use a light to moderate load across sets
C. Double KB Front Rack Carry – 100 ft., as heavy as possible with good form
P – Kipping HSPU, from a deficit or using parallettes if possible
L – Kipping HSPU or HSPU negatives (if doing these, scale back number of reps to allow for 15-20 sec of rest in the min)
F – 30 sec Pike Hold with feet or knees on a box


5 Rounds for time in teams of 2 with an 18 min. cap
30 Cal Row, Run or Ski Per Partner
30 Alternating Burpees (P1 goes, P2 goes until 22 total – 15 per partner – are reached)


10 – 15 min to build to a max height Box Jump