Alternating with a partner for 6 min.
5 Squat Thrusts
7 Unloaded Bar Thrusters
9 Lateral Jumps over bar
Everyone needs 2 mini bands – 1 strong for lower body one lighter for shoulders.
10 Mini Band Steps in each direction with band wrapped at knees – Forward, Back, Side L, Side R
10 Mini Band Fire Hydrants Per Side
15 Mini Band Scapular Activation Presses
10 Mini Band External Rotations with palms up and 10 with palms down
5 Mini Band Shoulder Oscillation Raises with palms facing in and 5 with palms facing out.
Review the key points of performance of the Back Squat. Then perform the following Back Squat Warmup:
With a 5 min Running Clock Everyone will break up into teams of 2-3 to perform 10-8-6-4-2 of Back Squats with warmup loads.
Strength – COMPARE TO 10/9/17
Every Other Min for 14 Min
30 Sec AMRAP of Back Squats
P – 155/115
L – 135/95
F – 95/65
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Spend 5 min working technique and then the other 14 min working though 7 sets of 30 sec of squats. Athletes should work the entire 30 sec with a light load. The idea behind this is to work consistency… working speed of a basic movement while maintaining good position. Athletes should aim to repeat the same number of reps each round.
EMOM x 16
ODDs: Calorie Row – P 12/10, L – 10/8, F – 40 sec row
EVENs: Burpees – P – 15, L – 12, F -10
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
This workout will get incredibly challenging after the first 10 min has elapsed. In other words, this workout is managable, but will test you mentally as well as physically. Pick a sustainable pace and try to hold on to it. Athletes should aim to have roughly 20s of rest at a minimum between movements, but if needed you may skip a round to recharge the battery.
Accumulate 2 min of Bully Stretch per arm and 2 min of Pigeon Stretch Per Leg