2-3 rounds (8 min cap)
15 Banded Face-pulls
10 Banded Front Raises
10 NON-alternating Split Jumps/side
10 light/moderate American KB Swings


90 sec Kneeling Calf/Achilles Smash with foam
Wall Shoulder Opener Drill – 30 Sec with arms in line with shoulders, 30 sec with arms wide, 30 sec with hands in diamond on wall.
Wall Cross Leg Hip Opener – 30 sec per side
Overhead Mobility with eccentric loading over foam roller – 1 min


Review of the Split Jerk
– Feet are hip width apart
– Hands just outside the shoulders
– Elbows slightly in front of the bar
– Torso dips straight down while knees drive out to keep weight back in the mid foot/heels
– Hips and legs extend rapidly
– Feet quickly “shuffle” out to receive bar in split stance
– Bring feet together by bringing the front foot back and then meeting it with the back foot
– Once feet are back under hips, bar is returned to the front rack position


With a 15 min running clock, perform:
Use the following rep scheme to build to a heavy 2 rep Split Jerk for the day
6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2
If possible, work from the rig or blocks.
Start with lighter weight and if technique remains strong, increase weight across the sets.


For time under a 15 min cap
15 Pull-ups
30 Wall Balls
12 Pull-ups
30 American KB Swings
9 Pull-ups
30 Single Leg KB Deadlifts (15/side)
6 Pull-ups
30 Arm Supported KB Rows (15 per side)
3 Pull-ups
P – Chest to Bar, 30/20, 32kg/24kg
L – Chin Over Bar, 20/14, 24kg/16kg
F – Ring Rows or Jumping Pull-ups, 14/10, 16kg/12kg


Bike easy 5 min then right into 1 min sprint for max calories