6 min AMRAP
10 Single Leg Touchdowns/side
Bear Crawl, down and back (30ft = one way)
10 Lateral Lunges/side
Cat Crawl, down and back
10 Tuck Jumps
Alternating Spiderman with Twist to Open, down and back


2 rounds of:
Lax Ball to high hamstring while sitting on box – bend and flex leg – 1 min/side
Hip Side 2 side – 10-15 reps/side
Hip Airplane – 10-15 reps/side


Review of the Snatch Grip Deadlift.
Focus on leading with the chest out of the start position to ensure the hips stay low and loaded, this will keep the bar close to the body as you stand


Under a 16 min running clock, perform:
Snatch Grip Deadlift
4 sets 3 reps at 90%+ of your 1RM Snatch
Use the first few minutes to perform Warmup sets.
All sets should be performed at 90% or more of your 1RM Snatch.
Each rep should be dropped and reset in the starting position.


4 rounds, Each for time, under an 18 min cap
(Each round should be a max effort sprint, score entered is slowest round of all 4 attempts)
Row 250m/200m
10 KB Goblet Squats
8 Double KB Thrusters
Rest 3 min between each round
P – 24kg/16kg
L – 16kg/12kg
F – Row 150m, use Dumbbells – 25/15


Cool down mobility
Child’s Pose – 2 min
Seated Straddle Split Stretch – 2-3 min (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MW2zu1NyCA)
Legs Straight up on wall – 2-5 min