5 rounds of :30 work (easy pace)/:30 rest
Round 1: Bodyweight Walking Lunges
Round 2: Banded Glute Bridges – mini band at knees
Round 3: Side Plank hold – from toes or from knees
Round 4: Banded Good Mornings
Round 5: Light Wall Balls


5 Way Hips – 4 reps of each: abduction, forward, backward, lightning bolt
4 Way Mini Band Walk – 10 step each: forward, left, backward, right
Active Spiderman – 1 min side – try to keep back leg off of the ground and produce small circles with the hip so that weight is continuously being shifted


Review of the Box Squat.
Ensure that with each rep you are completing the points of performance of the Squat as well as the following points, specific to the box squat:
– Feet remain firmly planted during entire lift, especially while sitting on the box (this may be easier for some with the corner of the box angled forward as opposed to a flat side)
– You should be sitting on the box with full body weight, not just a gentle tap with the glutes
– While on the box, sit up tall and focus on remaining braced. Look for the shoulders/bar to be in the line with hips
-To initiate standing, lean slightly forward in a controlled manner, just until they feel weight shifted to the feet and immediately drive hard into the ground to complete the motion.
– Avoid quickly rocking forward and using momentum to shoot the bar up.
The height of the box should allow for an “at parallel” or just below parallel position.


2- 3 Back Box Squats
Start light and build in weight across sets.
As the weights get heavier please use a spotter (ideally 1 person on each side of the bar to help lift). With a traditional back squat, you can bail the bar off of your back if you cannot complete the lift, however this is not the case with the box squat. The bar will remain on your back while spotter(s) help you stand back up to re-rack the bar.
P/L – aim for final set to 80-90% of 1RM Back Squat
F – aim for final set to be a moderately challenging weight


16 min AMRAP
Dball Carry 100ft – ball must be held in front of the body
15 cal Bike, Ski or Air Runner
10 Shoulder to Overhead
P – 100+/70+, 115/75
L – 70/50,95/65
F – 50/20+, 75/55
The same weight should be used for the shoulder to overhead and the SDLHP if possible


3 rounds, not for time
10 Dumbbell Reverse Flys
16 Alternating Reverse Curls – 8/side (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiH-2J85mzI)
20 Alternating Banded Dead Bug – 10/side (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXKoq52WM58)