Compare to Wednesday 11/15/17


With a light KB, perform 3 rounds of the following with a 6 min cap. Rest as needed
10 Single-arm Russian KB Swings per side
5 KB Windmills Per Side
10 Goblet Squats
5 KB Push Presses Per Side
10 American KB Swings


20 Band Pull-aparts
2 min to work a Lax Ball up and down the ridge of each Scapula
90 sec per side Lax Ball side shoulder opener
1 min Bully Stretch per side


Review the points of performance of the Push Press.
Break down each part of the lift in a progressive “ready, go!” manner with unloaded bars/light loads.


EMOM x 12
Evens – 5 Push Presses from a rack
Odds – Farmer Carry AHAP for 30 Seconds


For time under an 18 min cap
American KB Swings
Bodyweight Walking Lunges
Abmat Sit-ups
Double Unders
P – 32kg/24kg
L – 24kg/16kg
F – 16kg/12kg, Single Unders at 2x of DUs