Alternating Overhead Plate Lunges (per side)
Wall Balls


Then with a PVC Pipe:
8 PVC Chest Breech per side
8 PVC Mixed Grip Front Rotation, switch grip and repeat
PVC Scapula Floss – 30 sec per side
Kneeling Thoracic Spine Drill w/PVC- 1 min wide, 1 min tight
Banded Hamstring Floss – 10 reps/side
1 min Russian Baby Maker


Review of the Snatch Balance and Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Jerk
Emphasis on speed under the bar, and catching with the proper shoulder position while pressing up strong through the bar.
Review the Overhead Squat with a PVC pipe and open hands to ensure understanding of the necessary shoulder position. Class will practice this drill with PVC before moving unto the barbell.
Review of the Turkish Get Up and Kettlebell Windmill


P/L –
Odd – 3 Snatch Balances, taken from the rig or blocks
Even – 1 TGU/side
F –
Odd – 3 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Jerks, taken from the rig or blocks
Even – 3 KB windmill/side
For both movements, start light and based on feel, increase in weight across sets if possible.


For Time (18 min cap)
10 Bar Muscle-ups
30 Ball Slams
50 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerks (25 per Side)
30 Ball Slams
10 Bar Muscle-ups
P – 30+/20+, 50/35
L – 5 Jumping Bar Muscle-ups or 10 Pull-ups and 10 Dips, 20+/15+, 40/25
F – 8 Ring Rows and 8 Box Dips, 15+/10+, 35/15


6 rounds
0:20 sec Assault Bike sprint, as fast as possible
2:00 rest