Cha Cha Slide Plank.
Following the instructions of the song:
Intro “clap your hands” = alt. shoulder touches
Slide to the Left/Right/Back = move plank position to the left/right/back
Hop = just feet jump forward then back to plank
Left/Right Foot Stomp = jump left/right foot out then back to plank
“Cha Cha” = Mountain Climbers
Criss Cross = feet jump in criss cross
Hands on your Knees = hands reaching back to touch alternating knees
Any time there isn’t an instruction given, hold the plank position
Challenge ends at “FREEZE, everybody clap your hands!”


Door Jamb Pec Stretch (using upright on rig) – 45 sec/side
15 Side Lying Rotations/side
Tabletop bridge – 45 sec
Smash Lat/Tricep with roller – 1 min/side


Review the Mechanics of the Hand Stand Push Up
– Emphasis on committing to getting to the wall with legs straight, back to wall (no banana shape) and head looking forward at wall ahead
– Review proper hand placement, lockout and kips as necessary
Review of the scaling options
– Handstand negatives
– Wall facing shoulder taps
– Practice kicking up to the wall
– Wall Climbs


P – 1 min of Kipping HSPU, to 4”/3”deficit if possible using plates or parallettes
L/F – 1 min of preferred scaling option
The goal here is quality over quantity. Focus on good technique and positioning rather than volume achieved during the minute. Use this time to practice and challenge yourself to try new variations.


For time – 18 min cap
100 Burpees
Every 90 sec starting at the 1:30 min mark, perform
3 Devil Presses
P – Burpees to a 6” Target, 50/35
L – 40/25
F – 75 Burpees, 30/15
The dumbbells held during the Devil Press may be held at the outsides or the insides of the legs upon standing up


Level 1: 6 sets of 20 Sit-ups
Level 2: 3 rounds of 3 sets of 20 Sit-ups
Rest up to 2 min between sets