Mini Tabata X 4 rounds, rotate to next movement after each work period – one time through each movement = 1 round
Light Russian KB Swings
Hollow Hold


Hammer Nail Glute Mobilization – 1 min/side
Split Stance Adductor Mobilization – 1 min/side
15 Band Supported Single Leg Lowers/side


Review of the Barbell Glute Bridge.
Review of the Long Box Jump.
This exercise is actually two jumps. Start away from the box (1.5 to 3 feet) and perform a horizontal jump to the box. Upon landing, as fast and as hard as possible jump up onto the box/plate(s). This second jump needs to be as fast as possible, you can think of the ground being on fire and you need to get up quick. Land softly in the middle of the box and stand upright. Reset after each jump.


Odd – 3 – 5 Barbell Glute Bridges
Even – 3 Long Box Jumps
For Glute Bridges, build in weight across sets to a moderately challenging weight
P/L – Jump to Box – height of your choosing
F – Jump to a Plate(s) – height of your choosing


5 rounds
1 min AMRAP Sit-ups
1 min rest
1 min AMRAP Air Squats
1 min rest
P – GHD, Barbell Jump Squat with 20% of 1 RM Back Squat, 30/20
L – Abmat, Air Squats holding a Med Ball*, 20/14
F – Abmat, Bodyweight Air Squat
*Wall balls must be held in front of the body, not on the shoulder


Level 1: 8 Strict Pull-ups, 4 Strict Pull-ups, 3 Strict Pull-ups
Level 2: 18 Strict Pull-ups, 8 Strict Pull-ups, 4 Strict Pull-ups
Rest up to 2 min between sets