Under a 6 min running clock:
2 min Run, Bike or Row at a moderate pace
Then in remaining time, AMRAP
10 Med Ball Cleans
10 Thrusters with a PVC pipe
10 Lateral Lunges with OH reach (5/side)


Grab a VERY light DB or weight plate (nothing over 5 pounds at the very most)
Perform 5 reps of each shoulder opener movement
– Bicep Curls with palms up
– Biceps Curls with neutral grip
– Overhead Lateral Raise
– Overhead Lateral Raise with a neutral grip
HAM drill/side (Spiderman, to Senior Picture to Frog Stretch to 10 Duck Walk steps)
Then perform 5 more reps of each of the shoulder opener movements


Review of the following positions of the Power Clean:
– From the high hang
– From the hang
– From the mid shin
Then under a 6 min cap, perform 2-3 rounds of the following complex with an unloaded or lightly loaded bar
5 Power Cleans from the High Clean + 5 Power Cleans from the hang + 5 Power Cleans from the mid shin
Review of the Push Jerk and the Split Jerk


Every 90 seconds for 9 min (6 rounds)
3 Power Cleans, with a Jerk after the 3rd rep of each set
(ex. 1 set = Power Clean + Power Clean + Power Clean + Jerk)
Reps do not need to be touch and go. Work with weight based on feel today and add weight across sets as long as technique remains solid. The Jerk may be a Push or a Split Jerk.


EMOM for as long as possible – 20 min cap
3 Bar Muscle-ups
6 Thrusters
6 Mountain Climbers/side
P – 95/65
L – 75/55, 6 Pull-ups
F – 65/45, 6 Ring Rows or Jumping Pull-ups


Pull-up Challenge
Level 1: 5 Strict Pull-ups, 3 Strict Pull-ups, 1 Strict Pull-up
Level 2: 16 Strict Pull-ups, 6 Strict Pull-ups, 4 Strict Pull-ups
Rest up to 2 min between sets