6 min AMRAP
10 Shuttle Runs
10 Russian KB Swings
10 Light Wall Balls


20 Banded Pull-throughs
20 Alt Scorpions
1 min Russian Baby Maker Hold
20 Lunge with Twist (10/side)


Review of the Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlift
Athletes may stand on one or two plates, depending on width of stance


Every 90 sec for 9 min (6 rounds)
5 Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlift
Reps do not have to be touch and go; you may reset each rep. Focus on proper bracing of the midline and engagement of the glutes before pulling each rep. Use the same weight across all working sets aiming for perfect reps every time.
P/L- from a 2-3” deficit, aim to use 65-75% of 1RM snatch
F – from the floor with a moderately challenging weight


Tabata – work 20 sec/rest 10 sec X 8 rounds each movement, rest 1 min between movements
Start on different movements and share equipment in a small group if possible
Box Jumps
Ball Slams
P – 24”/20”, GHD Sit-ups, 95/65, 30+/20+
L – 24”/20”, abmat Sit-ups, 75/55, 25+/15+
F – 20”/16”, abmat Sit-ups, 65/45, 20+/10+


Level 1: 3 Strict Pull-ups, 2 Strict Pull-ups, 1 Strict Pull-up
Level 2: 14 Strict Pull-ups, 8 Strict Pull-ups, 2 Strict Pull-ups
Rest up to 2 min between sets