6 min AMRAP
20 DU or SU
6 Step-ups/side
10 Ball Slams


15 banded Good Mornings – Black or Purple/Red or Black
15 banded Front Rack Presses
15 mini band Air Squats – Band wrapped at knees, knees out, toes forward with slow, deliberate reps
8 mini band Lateral Kicks/side – band wrapped at ankles
Mini band Monster Walk 50′ forward and 50′ backward – band at ankles


Review of the movements in the Curtis P complex:
– Power Clean
– Lunge
– Push Press


Every :90 for 12 min (8 rounds)
1 Curtis P complex
P/L – Power Clean + Lunge L + Lunge R + Push Press
F – Power Clean + 2 Front Squats + Push Press
Build in weight across sets to a challenging heavy single complex for the day as long as technique remains strong


With a 25 min running clock, in groups of 3.
Prior to Metcon – assign a number (1,2 or 3) to each person. This number will dictate the rotation of movements
180 cal on the Assault Bike, switching every 15 cal
1: Starts on bike
2: Holds a plate overhead
3: Rest
When 1 gets off bike they hold plate, 2 will rest and 3 will get on bike. Whoever gets off bike will always move onto holding the plate, the person holding the plate will then rest and the person who was resting will now be on the bike.
Row 3000m, switching every 200m
1: Son rower
2: Hangs from rig or rings
3: Rest
When 1 gets off the rower they hang, 2 will rest and 3 will get on rower. Whoever gets off the rower will always hang, the hanging person will then rest and the person who was resting will now be on the rower.
P – 45/35
L – 35/25
F – 25/15


Pull-up Challenge Day 5:
Level 1: 2 Strict Pull-ups, 2 Strict Pull-ups, 1 Strict pull up, resting up to 2:00 min between sets
Level 2: 12 Strict Pull-ups, 8 Strict Pull-ups, 4 Strict pull ups
Apple Harvest Day 5k Prep
Run and Easy 800m