2 rounds
Jog 200m
5 Standing I-T-Y’s at a 3232 Tempo
20 Mountain Climbers (10/side)


Work a lax ball around edge of scaps, starting at traps and working down – 90 sec/side
Bully Stretch – 1 min/side
10 “Open Books” with 2-3 sec pause in the open position/side


Review of the Asymmetrical Carry
Be sure that the hand at the side is holding a heavier kettlebell than the hand at the chest. The arm at the chest should have a tucked elbow so that the kettlebell is NOT resting on the shoulder.
Review of the following back/shoulder strengthening exercises:
– Shoulder only Ring Row
– Hanging shoulder activations
– Banded row


P –
Odd – Asymmetrical Carry 70ft AHAP
Even – 8-10 “shoulder only” ring rows with 2 sec pause at the top – scale up by adding weight plate on top of hips
L –
Odd – Asymmetrical Carry 70ft AHAP
Even – 8-10 Hanging Shoulder Activations with a 2 sec pause at the top
Odd – Asymmetrical Carry 70ft at a moderately challenging weight
Even – 8-10 banded rows with a 2 sec pause when the band is at chest


Part A
6 min AMRAP, increasing in reps by 2’s (2-4-6-8 and so on)
Wall Balls
Shuttle Runs (30ft = 1 rep)
Double KB or DB Push Jerk
Score is the number of reps you completed on your last full round plus how many you got on the current round. (Example if you made it through the rounds of 2-4-6-8 and ended on 4 Wall Balls of the round of 10, your score would be 8+4)
Rest 2 min, then:
Part B
For time under a 7 min cap
Work your way back down the rep “ladder” picking up where you left off in the AMRAP
P – 30/20, 24kg/16kg or 50/35
L – 20/14, 16kg/12kg or 35/25
F – 14/10, 12kg/8kg or 25/15
This workout has 2 separate scores. Part A will be for rounds + reps completed in th 6 min while Part B will be for time.


Foam Roll back and shoulders for 3 min
Downward Dog – 1 min
Child’s Pose – 1 min
Apple Harvest Day 5k Prep
Run 1 – 1.5 miles