6 min AMRAP
10 Banded Good Mornings
8 Power Cleans with Med Ball, Dumbbells or Unloaded Barbell
10 Overhead Plate Lunges (5/side)


90 sec Kneeling Calf/Achilles Smash with foam roller
Wall Shoulder Opener Drill – 30 Sec with arms in line with shoulders, 30 sec with arms wide, 30 sec with hands in diamond on wall
Wall Cross Leg Hip Opener – 30 sec per side
“Thread the needle” – 10/side


Review of the Clean Deadlift.
Focus on keeping a strong active back to hold the bar close to the body throughout the entire pull from the floor and in towards the hip.
Review of the Power Clean.
Focus on maintaining the same strong position from the Clean Deadlift while adding speed. Be patient in keeping the hips loaded and low to provide a strong drive into the bar.


Odd – 5 Clean Deadlifts
Even – 3 Power Cleans
P – Aim to build to 75-80% of max power clean
L – Aim to build to 70-75% of max power clean
F – Aim to build to a moderately challenging weight that allows for good technique
Same weight should be used for both movements, so if weight is added across minutes, do so in the minute with deadlifts. Ex. Start with 95# in deadlift then use weight for cleans in the next minute. Weight is increased to 105# for next round of deadlifts then use this same weight for next minute of cleans.


16 min AMRAP with a partner, 1 person works while 1 person rests
2 Wall Climbs
4 Power Snatches
8 Box Jumps
P – Belly to Wall, 135/95, 30”/24”
L – 4 Inchworm Push-ups, 115/75, 24”/20”
F – 4 Inchworm Push-ups, 95/65, 20”/16”


1-1-1-1-1 Bar Muscle-up. Aim for clean perfect reps each time. Rest 15 sec between reps. After 5th rep, rest 2 min and repeat for 2 more rounds
Or Strict Pulls with band if needed.
Apple Harvest Day 5k Prep
Run 1 – 1.5 miles