Here’s how it works…
Start with “Roxanne” by The Police over the stereo
Athletes then do their choice of jumping jacks, high knees, running in place or butt kicks until they say “Roxanne” in the song….Every time “Roxanne” is said in the song… Athletes have to do an air squat


Banded Spiderman with attempted elbow touch – 1 min/side
Ankle stretch against wall – 30 sec/side
Goblet squat hold with a light KB – 1 min
10 KB halos/direction
10 leg kicks/side – forward and backward
10 leg kicks/side – side to side


Review basic squatting mechanics in a top down approach (with a bar in the front rack position), pausing in the following spots to review/correct positions for both squatting mechanics and front rack;
Down in 1/4 squat
Down in 1/2 squat
In the hole
Up in 1/2 Squat


Under an 16 min running clock perform
7 X 3 front squats with a 3 sec pause at the bottom
P- aim to build to 70-75% of your 1RM front squat
L- aim to build to 65-70% of your 1RM front squat
F- build to a moderate weight that challenges position but does not allow for form to breakdown


For time – 18 min cap
Box jump overs
P – 115/75, 24”/20”
L – 95/65, 24”/20”
F – 75/55, 20”/16”
*After each set of couplets, run 200m (ex. 30 SDLHP, 30 box jump overs..run 200m, 20 SDLHP, 20 box jump overs..run 200m…etc.)
-Use a weight for the SDLHP that allows for big sets


Mobility cooldown
Pigeon stretch – 1 min/side
Spiderman stretch – 1 min/side
Downward Dog – 1 min
Foam roll glutes – 1 min
Foam roll quads – 1 min/side
Apple Harvest Day 5k prep
P/L- run 1 mile, F – run 1200m