5 min AMRAP
20 DU or SU
5 KB Windmills/side
5 Inchworm + Scap Push-up


Head/Neck Circles 5 per direction
Arm Circles 10 per direction
Wrist Circles 10 per direction
Arm Rotations 10-15 each direction
Torso Rotations 10-15 each direction
Hip Circles 10-15 each direction
Cat Cows x 10
Spiderman 5 per side
Scorpions 5 per side


Review the Push Jerk and Split Jerk
– Short Dip with knees out and elbows high into an explosive drive
– Emphasis on Barpath, midline position and appropriate lockout
– Differentiate between Push Jerk and Split Jerk footwork


Use 15 min to complete 4 Sets of the below Jerk Clusters, alternating with a partner.
3 Push Jerks +10 second rest in Front Rack +3 Push Jerks + 10 sec rest in Front Rack position + 3 Split Jerks
Use a moderate weight here (aprox 65-75% of your 1RM split jerk) for all sets.
Resting partner will count out rack holds for working partner.


Tabata- work 20 sec/rest 10 sec X 8 rounds each movement, rest 1 min between movements
Start on different movements and share equipment if possible
Front Squat
Wall Ball Shots
American KB Swings
DB Weighted Step-ups*


3 rounds, not for time
15 mini band Clamshells/side
10 mini band Air Squats at a 3333 tempo ( 3 second descent, 3 second pause in the bottom, 3 second ascent, 3 second pause before next rep)
10 mini band Kick Backs/side
10 mini band Lateral Kicks/side
Apple Harvest Day 5k prep
P/L- run 1 mile, F – run 1200m