PVC Reaction Circle Game X 6 min


Joint Mobility/Group Stretch X 6 min


Review of the movements in the Metcon


5 rounds for time, in teams of 4 – 30 min cap
400m Run, together
30 Suitcase Deadlifts, each – 50/35 or 24kg/16kg
30 Sit-ups, each
400m Run, together
30 Suitcase Deadlifts, each – 35/25 or 16kg/12kg
30 Sit-ups, each
200m Run, together
20 Suitcase Deadlifts, each – 35/25 or 16kg/12kg
20 Sit-ups, each
Team will start at the same time from the same location. Individuals will run 400m, returning to the start point. Upon completion of the run, each will conduct 30 deadlifts; once the 30 deadlifts are complete, they will execute 30 sit-ups. All partners may work at the same time. The first round will end after all team members complete their 30 sit-ups. Rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5 are executed in the exact same order.
Each exercise must be completed before moving on the next one—i.e., you must finish all 30 deadlifts before starting the 30 sit-ups. However, each exercise may be broken up into sets as desired.
Your team cannot start the next round until all team members have completed the sit ups of the previous round.