Compare to Monday 9/26/16


6 min easy AMRAP
Monster Walk 50′ down and back using an appropriate mini band looped around ankles
5 Mini Band Plank Marches Per Side
15 Air Squats with mini band wrapped at knees.


1 min Couch Stretch per side
1 min of Bodyweight Hip Bridges (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T3FKqhrS80)
1 min banded Spiderman per side
20 Alternating Scorpion Stretches
Kneeling Elbow to Knee to Open Stretch – 10 per side


Review Squatting mechanics and position with a PVC Pipe or unloaded bar in the Front Rack.
Start by having standing in a neutral spine position with the barbell in a proper front rack.
1. Squeeze the Butt
2. Exhale and brace the Abs by bringing the rib cage down
3. Head Stacked over shoulders with shoulders back and down
4. Ensure proper front rack is established
Then perform a series of Front Squats.
Ensure the following:
1. Feet are not “ducked” and remain as forward as possible
2. Torque is created by driving the feet into the floor and driving the knees out
3. Spine remains neutral throughout all portions of the squat.
4. Watch for rounding or over-extension
5. Ensure proper front rack established maintained through range of motion


2 Min AMRAP of Front Squats
Rest 4 min
2 Min AMRAP of Front Squats
Rest 4 Min
2 Min AMRAP of Front Squats
– 135/95
– Bar Taken from the floor
– Go unbroken and rest in front rack if needed
– Bar can be taken from a Rack
– Bar is taken from a Rack


For time under a 12 min cap
200 DU’s
9 Bar Muscle-ups
150 DU’s
7 Bar Muscle-ups
100 DU’s
5 Bar Muscle-ups
200 DU’s or 300 Single Unders
9 Strict Pull-ups
9 Dips
150 DU’s or 250 Single Unders
7 Strict Pull-ups
7 Dips
100 DU’s or 150 Single Unders
5 Strict Pull-ups
5 Dips
300 Single Unders
9 Ring Rows
9 Box Dips
150 DU’s or 250 Single Unders
7 Ring Rows
7 Box Dips
100 DU’s or 150 Single Unders
5 Ring Rows
5 Box Dips