3 rounds, with an unloaded bar and PVC pipe (6 min cap)
6 Strict Press
6 Barbell Bent-over Rows
8 Lunging PVC Pass-throughs/leg


Banded Chicken Wing pull 45 sec per side
Barbell Elbow Pumps -1 min
Then with a PVC pipe:
8 PVC Chest Breech per side
8 Reps PVC Mixed Grip Front Rotation, switch grip and repeat
PVC Scapula Floss – 30 sec per side


– Strict Press with emphasis on midline stabilization throughout entire movement and a bar path in line with hips and heels, never tracing around the head
– Rope Climb and scaling options
– Hand placement for the Chin-up


Under a 20 min running clock:
Strict Press
Build in weight across sets to a heavy 4 reps for the day
After each set, perform
P – 1 Legless Rope Climb
L – 3 Chin-ups + 1 Rope Climb
F – 20 sec Active Hang from the rig + 1 Sitting to Standing Rope Climbs


15 min AMRAP
14 alt. DB Snatches (7/side)
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs
Every 2:30 min (starting at min 2:30) – run 200m
Score is reps completed in AMRAP (not including run)
P – 50/35, 24”/20”
L – 40/25, 24”/20”
F – 30/15, 20”/16”


5 rounds, not for time
Yoke Carry 50 ft.
Start at a light to moderate weight a build across rounds
Apple Harvest Day 5k prep
Run 800m, rest 1-2 min, Run 400m