3 rounds – 8 min cap
10 light American KB Swings
10 PVC Overhead Squats
5 Inchworm + Scap Push-up


10 Band Pull-aparts
Partner Stretch with PVC pipe – 30 sec/partner
10 “Thread the Needle” per side
20 Rocking Pole Squats


Review of the Snatch Pull, Power Snatch, Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Jerk and Snatch Balance
Then perform EMOM X 5 of strength complex of choice with an unloaded bar


Under a 16 min running clock, work on the following complex, building in weight if technique remains strong
P/L – Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + Snatch Balance
Aim to build to 70-75% of 1RM Full Snatch
F – Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Jerk
Aim to build to a moderately challenging weight that still allows for good technique


11 min AMRAP
Bike or Row 12 cal/10 cal (12 for men/10 for women)
10 Ball Slams
15 Push Jerks
25’ Handstand Walk
P – 30/25, 115/75
L – 25/20, 95/65, Bear Crawl
F – 20/10, 75/55, Bear Crawl


Apple Harvest Day 5k prep
Run 400m, rest 3-4 min then Run 400m