Warm Up
6 min of Rock, Paper, Scissor Showdown (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mUuvdKFfmk Coaches – this is a tricky description so I suggest playing the video for your class and it will be more clear)
Class will split into two teams on opposite ends of gym. Place a curving line of 15-20, ten pound plates as the “playing field” for the game. At 3,2,1, go, a member from each team will hop on plates until they meet up and play against one another in “Rock, Paper, Scissor, Shoot”. The losing member will run back to the end of their own teams line while a new person from there team starts hopping to meet the winner of the previous game on the trail of plates. If the previous winner, wins again and makes it the opposite side of the gym, they will stay there and new person from their team will begin. The object of the game is to get all of your team members to the opposite end of the gym first. The losing team will perform a penalty movement designated by the Coach.
Ankle stretch on wall – 30 sec/side
Active downward dog – 1 min
Couch stretch – 45 sec/side
Mini band walk: 15 steps/direction (forward, left- lateral, backward, right-lateral)
10 mini band clamshells/leg
Review of the Bulgarian split squat (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6a0MwviAXU – COACHES, please watch entire video as this may be a new movement to many people and there are very helpful cues and technique guidelines found here)
Focus on maintaining an upright chest throughout movement. Be sure that the knee tracks in line with the toe on your forward leg and the toe does not reach out over the toes in the bottom position.
Grab benches or boxes and have everyone find their correct position prior to loading in the strength.
Every 90 seconds for 9 min (6 rounds)
7 Bulgarian split squats/leg
P/L – 1 DB or KB in each hand suitcase style
F – 1 DB or KB held goblet style or bodyweight
For time – 20 min cap
2 rounds
Run 400m
20 wall ball
15 dips
Rest 2 min
2 rounds
Run 200m
20 thrusters
15 push ups
Rest 2 min
2 rounds
Run 100m
10 DB manmakers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMNnvhg1JcM)
P – 30/20, ring dips, hand release push ups, 95/65, 40/25
L – 20/14, matador dips, 75/55, 30/20
F – 14/10, box dips, 65/45, 25/10
Cool down leg flush – easy bike ride 5 min