Flip Cup Relay X 6 min
Split class into teams. At 3,2,1 Go – the first person of each group will run down to boxes and flip over a cup on the box. Once the cup is flipped over that person will run back to tag in next teammate. Teams will continue to run down and back until all cups are flipped over. The first team to finish is the winner and all other teams will perform a penalty movement designated by coach. The game will then restart.
Smash pec with Lax Ball on floor or wall – 1 min/side
Wall Shoulder Opener Drill – 30 Sec with arms in line with shoulders, 30 sec with arms wide, 30 sec with hands in diamond on wall
15 scorpion stretches/side
Review of the Bench Press
Under a 16 min running clock:
Build to a heavy 5 rep Bench Press for the day
-This is not meant to be a 5 rep max, it’s a weight that feels challenging by the final rep
-Work together and use a spotter when needed
4 rounds, for time – 20 min cap
American KB Swing
Double Unders
* 21-15-9 of all 3 movements = 1 round, the entire 21-15-9 is to completed 4 times
P- 24kg/16kg
L- 24kg/16kg, single unders
F- 16kg/12kg, single unders. REPS SCALED TO 15-12-9
3-3-3-3 strict Handstand Push-ups or handstand push up negatives, rest 10-15 sec between sets. Upon completion of final set, rest 2 min and repeat for a total of 3 rounds
OR spend 10-15 min working on being inverted. Practice kicking up to wall or holding a piked handstand position on a box.