Compare to Friday 6/30/17
Run 200m
3 Rounds
8 Lunging PVC Pass-through
8 Russian Swings
Run 200m
Joint Mob/Group Stretch x 6 min
Double Under Progression
– Coach will demonstrate Good Single Unders (jumping rom balls of feet, chest up, arms tight to body)
– Then athletes will perform 1 min of Single Unders
– Coach will then demonstrate the “Penguin Drill/Jumps”
– Coach will demonstrate a “Double Under Catch” – Rope Starts at the Heels and one double under is performed. As the rope passes by for the second turnover it is caught between the shoe and the floor. Once the rope stops, step over the rope to bring it back to the heels.
– Then Athletes will perform reps of the “Double Under Catch” for 1 min
– Coach will demonstrate how to build cadence for Double Unders (single, single, single, Double – single, single, Double – single, Double)
Then Athletes will work on building cadence for 1 min
Then 15 min to complete a Double Under Flight Simulator
Rest when needed. Do not move on until you have gotten the prior set unbroken (start at zero for that set on every miss).
If you finish, use the remainder of the 15 min to see how many you DU’s can get unbroken. Practicing skills and drills on from the review is also acceptable here.
3 Rounds, 1 Min AMRAP at each station
Push Jerk – P – 135/95, L – 95/65, F – 75/55
American KB Swing P–32kg/24kg, L-24kg/16kg, F-16kg/12kg
Ball Slam – P/L30+/20+, F 20/12
Deadlift P – 135/95, L – 95/65, F – 75/55
Lunging Battle Ropes