Simon Memory Drill X 6 min
Hammer-Nail Glute Mob with knee on Ab Mat – 45 sec/side
Split Stance Adductor Mob with knee on Ab Mat – 45 sec/side
Figure 4 Piriformis Stretch – 1 min/side
15 Banded Pull-throughs
Review of the Sumo Deadlift.
5 min to warmup to working weight. Build to a moderately challenging weight that allows for reps to be touch and go with good form. Use this weight across all sets.
Review of Waiter Walks
Evens: 5 Sumo Deadlifts
Odds: KB Waiter Walk down left arm/down right arm (30’ each arm)
For time, with a partner – 22 min cap
50 Double Unders Per Partner
60 GHD Situps
40 Double Unders Per Partner
70 Pull-ups
30 Double Unders Per Partner
80 Box Jumps
20 Double Unders Per Partner
90 Wall Balls
One person works while person rests. Break up the reps however you would like and go in any order, however, you must complete all of the reps of one movement before starting a new movement.
P – 24”/20”, chest to bar, 30/20
L – Single Unders x 2, Ab Mat Sit-ups, 24”/20”, chin over bar, 20/14
F – Single Unders x 2, Ab Mat Sit-ups 20”/16”, Ring Rows, 14/10
Accumulate 400m Farmer Carry