5 min AMRAP
10 PVC Lunging Pass Throughs (5/side)
8 Push-ups
8 mini band Air Squats
10 Shuttle Runs
5 mini band Shoulder Oscillations with palms facing in and 5 with palms facing out
T-spine Mobility Drill with PVC – 1 min
10 Alternating Scorpion Stretches/side
Puppy Dog Stretch – 1 min
Review of the movements in the Metcon.
Allow for 5-10 min to set up for workout and practice Rope Climb footwork.
28 min AMRAP
9 Overhead Squats
1 Rope Climb
12 Bench Press
P- 115/75, Legless Rope Climb
L- 95/65, Rope climb
F- 75/55, 2 Sit/Lying to Standing Rope Pulls
Same weight used for overhead squats and bench press. If possible, work in a group of like ability to share a barbell for overhead squat and a barbell for bench press