Inchworm with Scap Push-up down (25’)
10 Pull-ups or Ring Rows
Crab Walk back
10 Sit-ups
High Knees down
10 Push-ups
Bear Crawl back
10 Air Squats
Joint/Group Mobility of instructor’s choice X 6 min
Review Handstand Walking with the following scaling options:
Pike Handstand around box
Alternating Shoulder Taps in pike handstand on box
Alternating Shoulder Taps in a plank
Review Dips and scaling options:
– Focus on hips staying in line with shoulders while descending. Avoid folding over at the waist, allowing the shoulders to fall in front of the hips.
– Ring support hold
– Box support hold
Review of V-ups, the hollow hold and tucked option
Under a 16 min running clock*, complete the following:
P – 4 rounds
Handstand Walk 25’
5-7 Strict Ring Dips
15 V-ups
L – 4 rounds
1 rotation of Pike Handstand around box
10 sec Ring Support Hold (can be accumulated, done in 2-3 sec at a time)
20 sec Hollow Hold or 15 v-ups
F – 4 rounds
10 alternating Shoulder Taps in pike handstand on box OR in plank position
10 sec Support Hold on 2 boxes (can be accumulated, done in 2-3 sec at a time)
20 sec Tucked Hollow Hold
*This portion of class is timed to 16 min but the rounds should be done at a pace where you can focus on technique of each movement. Take rest between movements/rounds as needed.
5 rounds
1 min Box Jumps
1 min Ball Slams
1 min Burden Shuttle Sprints (30’ = one way) – carry ball used with ball slams
1 min of rest
P – 24”/20” Lateral Jumps, 30+/20+
L -, 24”/20”, 20+/10+
F – 20”/16”, 20+/10+
3 rounds, not for time, rest as needed
8 Seated DB Shoulder Press
8 DB Reverse Curls (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIUKi1goT-g)