8 min cap:
Run 200m, then with an unloaded bar, PVC pipe or med ball:
3 rounds
8 Deadlift
8 Clean Pulls
8 Power Cleans
Then, Run 200m
Bully Stretch – 1 min/side
Banded Shoulder Distraction – 1 min/side
Smash High Hamstring/Glute on box with lax ball – 1 min/side
Banded Hamstring Activation – 15/side
– The Clean Deadlift
– The Clean Pull
– The Power Clean
MIN 0-3: 3-5 Clean Deadlifts @ 75-85% (of 1RM clean)
*REMOVE 10-20lbs*
MIN 4-7: 3-5 Clean Pulls
*REMOVE 10-20lbs*
MIN 8-11: 3-5 Power Cleans
2 min AMRAP, rest 4 min and repeat 3 more times (4 AMRAPS total)
5 Pull-ups
10 Thrusters*
10 Split Jacks (5/leg)
15sec Sprint on Bike or Rower
P – C2B Pull-up, 75/55
L – Pull-up, 65/45
F – Ring Rows, 55/35, Stepping Lunges
*whichever weight you choose, these should be very light weight and able to be done consistently unbroken
Every AMRAP should be an all out sprint and aiming for a repeatable effort within every AMRAP. Start back at the beginning with each new AMRAP. Score will be the amount of reps completed in your best of the 4 AMRAPs (15 sec on the bike/rower = 15 reps).
Walk or Jog for an easy 5 min to flush legs
5-10 min in restorative pose – “legs up the wall” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLszK8_pa3Q)
This is a highly beneficial pose that may help to relieve tension in the legs and hips, can improve digestion in some people, and relaxes the nervous system.