Mini Band Monster Walk Down/Back Length of the gym
1 min Couch Stretch L
10 Mini Band Clamshells (10/leg)
1 min Couch Stretch R
20 Mini Band Air Squats
1 min Banded Dynamic Hamstring Stretch
15 Banded Pull-throughs
1 min Active Downward Dog
1 min of Front Squats with an Unloaded Bar
1 min of Scorpion Stretches
Review the Front Squat discussing common faults and corrections.
Under an 18 min cap perform 2 sets of the following Front Squat Waves:
Wave 1 – 7-5-3
Wave 2 – 7-5-3
Take a few warm-up sets before starting first wave. Work by feel today. Waves should be progressive in weight as long as technique is maintained.
Wave 1 – 7×185, 5×205, 3×225 Wave 2 – 7×205, 5×225, 3×245
Work in groups and rest as needed in between sets.
For time, under a 20 min cap:
Alternating with a partner (1 person works, while person rests) complete 4 rounds each, of the following:
Row 250m
16 alternating DB Snatches (8/side) 10 Ab Mat Sit-ups
Every round, aim for an all sprint on the rower and the remaining movements to be done unbroken P – 50/35
L – 35/25
F – 25/15
Easy 5 min cool down on the bike, then:
Barbell smash quads – 1 min/side
Pigeon Stretch – 1 min/side