6 min AMRAP
7 light DB Strict Press
10 lying or hanging Straight Leg Raises
Bear Crawl 50’
10 Cat/Cow each
With a partner (be gentle and communicate with your partner on these):
– Sit Down Overhead Stretch – 1 min/partner
– Behind the Back Stretch – 1 min/partner
1 min of wrist stretches
Review of the Handstand Push-up as well as scaling options, progressions and modifications.
Review of the L Sit and Knees Tucked hold
EMOM X 10, alternating between the following movements:
P – 5-8 strict HSPU
L – 5-8 kipping HSPU
F – 20 sec. Handstand Hold or 5-8 Pike/Box Push-ups
P/L – 15-20 L Sit Hold, use boxes, parallettes or rings
F – 15-20 sec Tucked Hold
25 min AMRAP
Run 800m*
25 Russian KB Swings
20 Box Jumps
10 Dball Over the Shoulder
P – 32kg/24kg, 30/20, 100/70
L – 24kg/16kg, 20/14, 70/50
F – Run 400m, 14/10, 50+/20+
*The pace of the run should be about 70%. This pace should allow you to move at a steady rate and complete the other movements as close to unbroken as possible every round.
30 sec working alternating with 30 sec of rest for 10 min, alternate work periods between the two following movements
– Landmine Twists
– Commando Planks