COMPARE to 5/23/17
Run 400m
15 Med Ball Cleans 15 Jump Squats Run 200m
12 Wall Balls
12 Push-ups
Barbell Smash Quads and Calves
Psoas Release with Lax ball or Peanut
Lax Ball and/or Peanut Smash Erectors
Review Kipping. Discuss common faults seen in performing kips.
Then, kipping progression/warmup.
1 min of Hollow Hold Roll to Superman Hold
Then 1 Min Of Kip Swing to Hollow Arch
Then 1 Min Of Kip Swing to Hollow Knee Pull
Then 1 Min of Floor Kips
15 min To work on Kipping/Pull-ups OR
Perform 4-5 rounds of the following under a 15 min cap. Rest as needed:
Every OTHER minute for 10 minutes
1 Strict Ring Muscle Up 3 Strict Ring Dips
10 Second L Sit 1 Muscle Up
5 Toes through rings (Perform Unbroken)
5 Strict Pull-ups
8 Push-ups
5 Second L Sit
2 L Sit Pull-ups
5 Toes to Bar
5 Ring Rows
5 Pull-ups
10 Second Plank
5 Jumping Pull-ups
5 Hanging Knee Raises
Lurong Summer Challenge WOD 2
With an 8 min Running Clock:
2 minutes of Deadlifts
P-275/175, L-185/115, F-95/65
1 minute Rest
2 minutes of Back Squats (bar taken from a rack)
P-228/145, L-135/85, F-45/35
1 minute Rest
2 minutes of Shoulder to Overhead (bar taken from the floor)
P-185/115, L-95/65, F-45/35