Under a 6 min running clock:
Easy run/bike/row for 2 min., then
AMRAP in remaining time with an unloaded bar or PVC pipe 8 snatch grip deadlifts
4 Snatch Grip Deadlifts
4 Hang Power Snatch
5 KB Halos/direction

Goblet Squat hold – 1 min
Bully Stretch – 1 min/side
Overhead Distraction with band – 1 min/side
15 Overhead Band Pull-aparts

Review of:
– The Snatch Grip Deadlift with focus on shoulders staying over the bar during the first pull and keeping hips low to reach a loaded power position.
– The Snatch Pull with focus on making contact with bar high into the hip and an upright hip extension (not forward).
– The Hang Power Snatch with focus on maintaining a strong core and thoracic spine to keep the bar in line with hips and heels.

Then with an 5 min running clock, warm up Snatch Grip Deadlift to working weight for strength

Minutes 0 – 3: 3-5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts @ 75-85% (of 1RM snatch)
*REMOVE 10-20 pounds*
Minutes 4 – 7: 3-5 Snatch Pulls
*REMOVE 10-20 pounds*
Minutes 8 – 11: 3-5 Hang Power Snatch

Under a 14 min running clock.

2 rounds:
15 Thrusters
Run 400m

REST 2 min and change weight

2 rounds:
15 Thrusters
Run 200m

P – 135/95, after rest, 115/75
L – 95/65, after rest, 75/55
F – 75/55, after rest, 65/45

Accumulate 2 min hold in bottom of lunge position/leg. Bottom shin should be parallel to ground (knee not touching the ground)

Then 4 Rounds:
8 KB Front Rack Split Squats Per leg

Rest as needed