5 Air Squats
10 Alpine Jacks (5/side)
5 Sit-ups
Tack and Floss glute – 1 min/side
Lacrosse Ball to Psoas – 1 min/side
HAM drill/side (Spiderman, Senior Picture, Frog, 10 Duck Walk Steps)
Review of the Back Squat with focus on keeping an active and braced core during every rep. Review
of breathing sequence during the Squat.
Review of Single Arm Farmer Carry. Focus here on shoulders and hips staying square while walking.
Make sure that kettlebell does not touch leg while walking; this will show us that the position is correct.
With an 18 min running clock:
10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2
Back Squat
Build to a heavy 2 for the day
In between each set, perform 50ft. Single arm farmer carry with right arm and 50 ft. single arm farmer carry with left arm. Weight should be challenging, but with the ability to complete unbroken.
Under a 15 min running clock with a partner 12 min AMRAP:
1 person works while 1 person rests, with exception of burpees
8 Synchronized Burpees*
1 Rope Climb
* Partners will alternate working rounds with the exception of the burpees. All burpees will be performed by both athletes during every round. Partners must be on the ground at the same time before standing.
After 9 min AMRAP, immediately use the remaining 3 min to perform:
60 Deadlifts total per team (same barbell used in SDLHP)
30 Partner Tire Flips
P – 115/75, Legless
L – 95/65, Rope Climb
F – 75/55 or Single KB, 3 Lying/Sitting to Standing Rope Pulls
3 rounds
Ring Push-ups with 10 sec rest between sets and 1 min rest between rounds Focus on driving through hands and pressing up explosively on each rep.
3 rounds
30 sec Low Ring Plank Hold (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFdveKonc_Y)
Rest 1 min between rounds