Shuttle Sprints (down/back counts as “1” rep)
3 position Lower Body Band Stretch/side
Active Cossack Stretch – 10/side
20 Banded Pull-throughs
Active Pigeon Stretch – 1 min/side
Review of the KB jump squat with emphasis on keeping core tight while fully extending and squeezing glutes at the top Review of the deadlift with emphasis on driving heels hard into the ground to drive up fast
The goal here is to increase generation of power!
With a 15 running clock to complete the following:
5 X 8
KB Jump Squats
Alternating with Deadlifts @ 40-50%
The weight on the KB for Jump Squats should be heavier than you would use for American Swings but still be done unbroken with good form while jumping with.
The Deadlifts should be unbroken and for speed. There should be minimal to no rest between the two movements but rest :90 seconds to 2 min. between sets.
3 rounds of:
4 minute AMRAP, rest 1 min. between AMRAPS
10 Ball Slams
12 Goblet Lunges (6/side)
50’ Handstand Walk
P – 40+/30+, holding a Dball (athlete’s choice of weight)
L – 30+/20+, 24kg/16kg, bear crawl
F – 20+/10+, 16kg/12kg, bear crawl
3 rounds, not for time:
10 DB Arnold presses (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ml7BH7mNwQ)
10 Dumbbell incline flies (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDaIL_zKbGs)
15 Banded Face Pulls