1 min of mini band Ankle Jacks
1 min of Donkey Calf Raises
1 min of Standing Alternating Dynamic Hip Rotation
1 min of Lying mini band Hip Flexion/Extension
1 min Alternating Walking Dynamic Quad and Hamstring Stretch
1 min of mini band Jump Squats
1 min (30 sec per side) mini band Quadrupled Hip Extension
1 min Calf Bone Saw Per Side

Review the Points of Performance of the Front Squat and Thruster

Then with an unloaded bar, EMOM x 5
Cluster (Squat Clean Thruster) + Front Squat + Thruster

Every 30 seconds for 15 min

Performance and Lifestyle
1 Thruster from the Ground

1 Thruster from a Rack

20 min AMRAP alternating with a partner. 1 person works, 1 person rests

Run 200m
10 Toes to Bar
5 Push Jerks

P – 155/105
L – 135/95
F – 95/65, Hanging Knee Raises

4 Rounds of 5 reps per leg. 10 sec hold per rep

Deadbug with Band Pull
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOWNu_CZy2Q include on slide)