Simon Memory Drill x 6 min
Lax Ball to Glute/Hamstring seated on Box with bend/extend leg and hip- 90 sec per side
Smash/Roll Adductors with Foam Roller – 90 sec per side
3 Position Adductor/Hamstring Activation – 5-10 reps per position
– Heels elevated
– Flat feet
– Toes elevated
3 Position Lower Body Band Stretch
Review the Deadlift. Use a top down approach.
– First, review setup: knees behind the bar and shoulders in front of the bar while maintaining vertical shins and a braced posture.
– Review bracing and posture in the finish position.
– Review the descent of the bar and how the path should be the same up as it is down.
– Review proper position at the bottom and then on the way back up.
Use 15 min to complete the following
3-5 reps x 5 sets of deadlifts @3131 Tempo**
(3 sec up, 1 sec pause, 3 sec down, 1 sec pause)
In Between each set, perform a 200ft Walking Lunge
DL – Approx 65%-70%
WL – Hold a KB or DB of your Choice in a goblet position while lunging
DL – Approx 60-65%
WL – Hold a KB or DB of your Choice in a goblet position while lunging
DL – Use a light to moderate load that allows for proper position at all times.
WL – Bodyweight
**it is VERY important that you maintain proper position at all times during these lifts, if you round or come out of position, even in the least bit, reduce the load on the bar until you can maintain consistency
9-7-5, rest 3 min then repeat for a total of 3 rounds
Score is total time to complete all work with rest. 20 min cap.
Wall Balls
P – 225/155, 30/20
L – 205/135, 20/14
F – 185/115, 14/10
Pick 2 or 3 of the following (all if you have the time);
Barbell Smash Quads 2 min per side
Foam Roll IT Bands 2 min Per Side
Foam Roll Lats 2 min Per Side
Lax Ball Smash Foot Arches 2 min per side (please disinfect Lax Ball when finished)