Spiderman Down, Reverse Spiderman Back
Forward Lunge Down, Reverse Lunge Back
Duck Walk Down, Reverse Duck Walk Back
Frog Hop Down, Reverse Frog Hop Back
Gorilla Hop Down, Reverse Gorilla Hop Back
Alternating Sumo Down/Back
High Knees Down/Butt Kicks Back
20 Band Pull-aparts
20 Banded Presses From Front Rack
Bully Stretch – 45 sec per side
Roller in Mid Back – Hug and Extend – 1 Min
Roller In Mid Back with Overhead Barbell or KB Stretch – 1 min
Review the Snatch with an unloaded bar or PVC pipe.
– Review the setup of each position and faults in posture (over extension or rounding) while athletes are in each position
1 Start with the bar in a snatch grip at the hip with shoulders behind the bar, knees soft, in front of the bar and work on pulling the bar straight up from here (zip up the coat)
2 Move on to place the bar at the knee. Shoulders should be in front of the bar and knees behind the bar here. Work on sweeping the bar to the hips by letting the shoulders rise and the hips open with straight arms. Athlete should end where they began position 1 at the hip.
3 Move on to the setup position with the bar mid shin. Shoulders should be behind the bar with an upright chest, knees slightly in front of the bar with tension in the hamstrings. Athlete should initiate the pull by letting the shoulders and rise and the knees sweep back. Athlete should end this part where they started position 2.
4 Put all parts together and work through full ROM, ensuring each position is met.
Use 15 min to work on Snatches – any variation that you like.
40 Sec on 20 Sec rest/rotate, complete 4 total rounds. Rest 1 min between rounds
Ring Muscle Up
Row For Cal
Row For Cal
Wall Climbs – Chest to Wall
Box Dips
Row For Cal
Wall Climbs – Belly to wall
3 rounds not for time
12-15 Ring Rows
12 Russian Step Ups Per Leg – approx. 20% BW DB per hand
15 GHD Back Extensions

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