100m Run
100m Run Backward
Walking Quad Pull with reach 30′ down
Butt Kicks Back
Walking Hip Cradle 30′ Down
High Knees Back
Inchworm Push Up 30′ Down
Side-to-Side Shuffle Lunge back
100M Run
100M Run Backward
1 Min Banded Hip Extension per leg
1 Min Banded Spiderman with attempted elbow touch per side
1 Min Banded Runners Ankle Stretches per side
“Squat Therapy”
90 Sec Wall Squat
90 Sec Goblet Squat
90 Sec Bar Squat
90 Sec Pole Squat
With a 15 min Running Clock, partner up with 1-2 partners and perform 5×5 1 + 1/4 Back Squats.
Range working loads from 65%-75%
Tabata Work 20 Sec, rest 10 sec x 8 rounds
Work in small groups (ideally groups of 4) and share equipment.
Use 10 sec rest to shuffle to the next movement. Rest 1 Min Between Tabatas. Repeat for a total of 4 rounds.
Alternating Med Ball Pushup with Roll
Single Arm DB or KB Push Jerk (alternate arms every round)
Lateral Jumps over hurdle (P – Over Bench, L/F over hurdle)
Banded Straight Arm Raise (thin band)
PJ: 55/35 DB or 24kg/16kg KB
Lateral Jumps Over Bench
PJ: 40/30 or 18kg/14kg KB
Lateral Jumps Over Yellow Hurdle
2 Hand Push Ups on Medball or from Knees
PJ: 30/20 DB
Lateral Jumps Over Yellow Hurdle