6 Min AMRAP:
10 Banded Face Pulls
10 KB Halos (5/Side)
10 Bodyweight Russian Step Ups (5/side)
10 Single Arm DB Thruster (5/Side)
LAX ball into pectoral at wall – 15-30 arm passes/side (every 5 reps or so re adjust ball an find a few spot)
Banded shoulder L to overhead 15-30/side (hold body in split jerk stance)
HAM Drill
Review the Sumo Deadlift High Pull with unloaded bar and/or Kettlebell and discuss how this translates into other movements such as rowing (or picking up something and putting it onto a chest level surface such as a shelf or truck)
Then for 4 min practice with an unloaded bar/warmup weight
Coach will observe everyone in the group and provide feedback on:
– Proper setup
– Hip Extension before arm pull.
– Raising the Bar With High Elbows
– Other feedback as needed
EMOM x 14
Evens: 10 SDLHP
Odds: 30 Seconds of Hollow Rocks
6 Rounds For Reps + Cal:
1 Min AMRAP – Burpees
1 Min Rest
1 Min AMRAP – Row for Cal
1 Min Rest
Lax Ball smash glutes x 4 min
Lax Ball smash forearms x 4 min
Smash Hamstrings with barbell Elevated on J Clips on Rig x 4 min
Snash Traps with barbell Elevated on J Clips on Rig x 4 min